Who are we?

Saltamar Innovations is a patent law firm specializing in all patent prosecution issues since 1998. We pride ourselves for understanding our customers’ technology and, therefore, specialize primarily in the software and electrical arts. We provide representation for individual inventors, corporations, and numerous international patent practitioners, and assist with obtaining the best possible patent protection in the United States or worldwide. We assist our clients with all aspects of innovations and patent prosecution, discretely, professionally, promptly, and inexpensively.

We are located in Penfield, in Western New York, USA.

Yes, I know the address says Rochester, but this is an idiosincracy of the area... :-)


About our founder:

Shalom Wertsberger, Saltamar Innovations’ founder, is an accomplished system software engineer and systems manager with extensive background in electronics research and development, control and data acquisition systems design.

During the 18 years of Shalom's computer work, he took active part in development of communications systems, including LAN and WAN development, commercial client server database systems, CAD software and security software, at all levels. Shalom also spent time as a system manager and a network manager for a community of over 2000 people spread over five continents.

Before attaining his degree as a software engineer from the University of Southern Maine, Shalom was a merchant marine officer. In this capacity he was in charge of power generations of several megawats, power distribution and automatic control systems and he worked closely with navigation, communications and other shipboard equipment. Combining the experience he gained with his hobby as a ham radio operator, Shalom created many electronic and control designs. Those range from industrial measurement and control systems to a number of embedded systems.

Besides his professional work, Shalom is also an inventor. His extensive marine and underwater experience drove him to invent and patent a sonar based ship navigation system. His interest in aviation drove him to develop inventions in this field, specifically to the community of GA pilots of which Shalom is one. Shalom also developed other inventions and tools in the areas of electronics, machining and carpentry.  Shalom is now pursuing development of one of his inventions -  the Continuous Reesonant Trap refractor, which in combination with another invention - the Lateral Waveguide Stack- promise breakthrough advantages in soalr cells, high level image sensors, specialized 3D displays, and more.

As a US registered patent agent certified to practice in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (Registration No. 43,359), Shalom currently dedicates most of his time to Saltamar Innovations and its clients. Shalom is married to Orna Intrator, a professor in teh University of Rochester. Like many of us, he wishes he had some more time for his inventions and hobbies such as flying, boating, glasswork, and many more.

Email Shalom at: shalom@saltamar.com

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