"Obtaining a patent isn't cheap, but its protection can be invaluable."    Bill Gates, 1996
Software Patents

Software patents have tremendous implications to anyone in the software industry. A software patent recognizes the contribution you are making, increases your company’s assets and net worth, serves as an excellent marketing tool, and allows your company to prevent others from benefiting from your efforts and your ideas. Unfortunately, in recent years the US Patent and Office, the courts, and primarily the US congress had continually attempted to attack small inventors. This was done to some small extent due to patent abuse,but in the larger part due to enormous amounts of cash spent by mega-corporations buying legislation and public opinion to keep the patent arena out of the reach of the small inventor. Software innovators and certain biotech firms likely suffered the worst as a result. While today software patents are still available, obtaining such patents is extremely difficult and requires specialized expertise.

Software patents  is still a growing boddy of information, but obtaining a valuable patent is far more difficult than in most other fields.  Many of these patents may have implications on your capability to make and market your product. A good patent portfolio is still the best a small company can do to create a good bargaining position and patents allow it to keep operating profitably.

Perhaps the most important aspect to achieving a good patent is employing a patent practitioner who truly understands your invention and its implications. Such understanding can only come from long experience in the field. The staff at Saltamar Innovations understands your technology and can, therefore, help you obtain the patent protection you need for your innovative product. Please examine our staff computer expertise more closely and read our white paper regarding software patents.

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