Images from our previosu location:

At its begining Saltamar Innovations was blessed by being in one of the most charming geographical locations in the world: Coastal Maine.  We would like to share some of the views with you.  We will share nice photos from our current location in the Rochester NY area as we aquire them

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Cloudy weather on the coast
Captain Drummond's House view
Fall morning
Portland Head Light
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View from Peaks Island
Peaks Island view
Monhegan Island
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Salmon Falls, ME
Small Point, ME
Small Point Harbor
Magic of the fall
Whitehead-ico.jpg (12764 bytes)
willard1-ico.JPG (15979 bytes)
Willards beach-ico.JPG (16421 bytes)
Whitehead Passage View from Willard's Beach Willard's Beach Head Branch Brook, Newfield, ME
Fall Tree Portland Headlight Portland Headlight Half Way Light
Portland Headlight Arial View Mount Desert Island Sea, Land, Sun, Clouds Kennebec River
Portland, Maine Parker Head  

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